Virtual Tournament 2020

    Given these unprecedented times, we’re changing the Cobiathon tournament to a virtual online format.  There will be NO gathering at Cape Marina, no formal weigh-in and no cookout.

    Dates:  March 21st - March 29th

    Where: Virtual Cobiathon


  • -   Heaviest cobia by rod and reel wins.
  • -   Angler must be a CFOA or FSFA member.
  • -   To qualify, the angler must submit 2 pictures to verify catch.
  • o   Picture of you with the fish, holding something in the background that says 2020 on it.
  • o   Picture of fish on a scale where the weight and 2020 is legible
  • o   Witness information.
  • -      Submission must be made within 24 hours of catching the fish.
  • -      Submit your entry to your respective club.
  • o   FSFA:  Chris Pashos text 603-345-0142 or
  • o   CFOA: David Clark text 336-596-8395 or

Prizes: Winner of the largest Cobia, or Kingfish if no legal cobia are caught, will receive a rod and reel combo, provided by CFOA.  Winner will also get a plaque provided by FSFA with their name and bragging rights for their club for a year.

Every year CFOA and FSFA (CFOA's sister club) have a cobia tournament for friendly competition and bragging rights.  There are virtually no rules other than a club member from either club must be on each boat. Heaviest fish will win a rod and reel combo.  If no cobia are caught the heaviest kingfish will win.

Cobiathon 2020

Date: March 28th, 2020
Weigh-In: 3-5 pm @ Cape Marina
Updates: Check CFOA and FSFA Facebook pages for updates.


  • Heaviest Cobia wins a rod and reel combo.
  • At least one member from FSFA or CFOA must be on the boat. 
  • The tournament is free.
  • Weigh In starts at 3 pm and ends at 5pm.
  • If No Cobia are weighed the heaviest Kingfish will win.
  • The Weigh in is held at Cape Marina.
  • You can bring the fish by boat or trailer

Food and Drinks

The hosting club will have a cookout starting at 3pm at Cape Marina.  There will be food, drinks, fish weighed in, and lots of fishing talk!  

Even if you don't fish, come meet the members of the other club and have a great time while the anglers bring their catches in.  


Here are the winners from the previous 3 years:

  • 2018 - Robert MacVittie - 45#
  • 2017 - Zella Helten - 16#
  • 2016 - Bill Kosiba - 38# Kingfish
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