CFOA Annual Auction

On the 2nd Monday in November Central Florida Offshore Anglers holds their annual auction to support the CFOA Marine Foundation.  Auction proceeds benefit marine conservation and research organizations, youth and veteran fishing activities, artificial reef building and fishing educational programs.

Silent Auction

We hold a silent auction that contains fishing tackle, art, rods, reels, jewelry and a lot more. 

For those of you who don't know what a silent auction is, we put items for auction on tables.  You are given a number and you put your number down and the amount you want to pay for it.  Others have the ability to outbid you and whoever has the winning bid when the time ends has to pay that amount for the item.

Every year there are a few hot items that get into fun bidding wars.  Even if you don't bid, come watch the fun unfold!

Live Auction

This is the traditional type of auction we are used to seeing.  Every year we have vacations, guided fishing trips, art and more during our live auction.

It's always fun when a bidding war breaks out.  Come enjoy the fun and you always have a chance for that deal of a lifetime. 


We have 3 different raffles at our Auction, standard raffle, Basket Raffle, and a Card Raffle.

Our standard raffle is a staple at almost all our get-togethers.  Our raffle at our annual auctions has outstanding items and is another great reason to attend.

A basket raffle is where you divide your own tickets amongst baskets for individual items

We also have a high end card raffle that usually is for a cooler filled to the brim with bottles of alcohol. 

Giving Back to the Fishing Community!

The donations we receive, the member dues, and the tournament proceeds all help the local fishing community.  These funds are necessary to support and enhance marine related projects, charities, angling education, youth events, and family focused activities on the Central Florida Atlantic coast and greater Orlando region.  

Here is a list of our recent charity work:

  • $1500 to Great Oaks Children's center
  • $2500 Annual Donation to support artificial reef programs
  • $500 Rod and Reel Donation to a local junior high fishing club

We thank you for your continued support!

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